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Lifestyle above the Lakes

Lifestyle Photography
Climbing life

I have recently taken on a very exciting photographic project, to create beautiful images for fashion and lifestyle brand Topologie. Aside from their beautiful, elegant design, what excites me most about this brand is their connection with climbing and the outdoors.

Lifestyle Photography
Gear Up

Planning these shoots is an engaging process. What location should I choose? how can I find models who have a great look, in keeping with the brand that are also good climbers and comfortable in the outdoors.

Spending some time in Italy helps in order to find a great spot. Where we chose, Predore, sits above the western shore of Lake Iseo and not only provides stunning views, but also great rock and sun all day.

Michela Passi, a local climber from Trevilio was more than happy to join the team for this one. She was not only a pleasure to work with, but as a great climber she was more than able to make the hikes, use the gear, and make the most of the vertical spaces we had available to us.

When products are small, commercial and lifestyle photography often becomes more tricky. As a photographer I am always drawn to the more dramatic, and often need to reel myself back from including too many details.

Lifestyle Photography

For me, creating these photos had to be more about simplicity. Get the right colours to match and then add the hints and feelings of the environment around us. Then to really draw attention, get the focus sharp and blur out the backgrounds, directing the viewer straight to the product.

Lifestyle Photography
Try Hard

Commercial photography is often about conveying an idea or a feeling, sharing the aspirations of the brand with their audience. It needs to allow the view to feel like they could be in the place where the photo is taken, and also that it is a place they would like to be.

I really enjoy this challenge and often it comes just as much from how you prepare as how you execute.

What we created at Predore is an excellent example of how I love to work and what I like to create. The images connect with me as it's the natural environment which drives and I will always search out opportunities to keep going back and exploring more.

Lifestyle Photography

Soon I will be back in Cardiff, picking up where I left off with some more commercial photography projects. There will always be some more chances to capture great climbing shots for Topologie back in South Wales too.

Landscape Photography

To see some more examples of my work for Topologie to can click the link here. Otherwise feel free to check out the rest for my commercial photography work at:

See you soon.

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